How appropriate it is that just in time for Easter, our rebuilt windows have started to return to the clerestory.

The windows are attached to bronze saddle bars to give them strength.

Having seen the windows on the bench last week, it’s so exciting to see them back where they belong.

Traditional methods; no UPVC or silicone sealant here!

Before long, we’ll begin the big clean-up, and will be able to get back to church for our Sunday worship. Obviously, we won’t be back in church for Easter, but it won’t be many more weeks before we’re back home.

A view of the Northern clerestory as the first two windows return.

A small delegation from the PCC went to the workshops of Devlin Plummer, today, to see the progress with the major renovation of our clerestory windows. The windows are all in the workshop right now. Half have been rebuilt, and the other half are in progress. The picture below shows the state of the old windows (this is one of the better examples).

Terry Devlin gave us a tour and told us about the painstaking process to record the dimensions and shapes of the many windows as they come into the workshop.

We then saw how the glass is cleaned and salvaged where possible, before the lead is completely renewed.

We saw the soldering process…

and the finishing process where the glass is all fixed in place (before being vacuumed).

Many thanks to Terry and his colleagues for showing us round. We can’t wait to see the windows coming back in from next week!